Today I started off learnt a lyrics of a song which was made by the Malaysia dandelion group. Then we learnt the dance of the song which was also created by the Malaysia dandelion group. I enjoyed doing the dance more than the singing because for what I can understand from my parents and siblings, I’m not a great singer. Another reason I enjoyed the dance more is because I had experience dancing and dancing with a small crowd watching so I could express myself and not to be shy.


Today’s class was dancing and singing.  We continued the song from the Malaysia dandelion group. First they have sent us a video of the dance and a extra part. We started off with groups a, b, c and d. A and b started first then it was c and d. I was in the group b so I started first with the a’s. I was quite nervous and was remembering the whole dance again so I knew what was I doing. Eventually,  I practiced enough until I was confident and could remember  the whole dance by hard. I say this in every 心得 but I really really appreciate that the organizer have time to teach us new skills.





Today we started learning the computer class, we started of about clips and types of clips then the teacher, Patricia Xu showed us clips of work she has done. After we used this app which we already installed called 剪映. We used a clip that another teacher had done and it was about making a pudding and a fruit smoothie. We learnt how to cut the clips into smaller bits so the person who watches doesn’t take to long to what  hi the whole thing. Then we learnt how we could add a music and texts. After our teacher, Patricia Xu told that our homework is to make a 5 minute long vlog. I really love this experience for learning how to do this because maybe someday it would be useful. I really thank the teachers, organizer and everyone who worked hard for us to learn something. I really appreciate it.


Today’s class was the computer class. We had two different parts; first we had a class with Patricia, she taught us how to use the app 剪辑. We have used a part of clip from Tom and Jerry for demonstration. The second part of this computer class is photoshop. We were introduced to a new teacher, he taught us the tools we could use and we also use a a Pikachu photo and some lightning photos for demonstrations. Again I have gain another little bit of knowledge and really thank the organizer and captains of group a, b, c, d because the knowledge their teaching us might be useful when I’m older.


Today we learnt coding and for me it was very hard, the language we chose of coding is c. I didn’t understand a little bit and I couldn’t get it. I really really thank the organizer to set this is for this.



Today’s class is about cooking. So first the teacher sent the things we need the day before so then we didn’t need to hurry. So the class today we’ve learnt how to do a simple burger nothing that amazing because we’re just starting. We were showed a video of how to do it then we had someone stoping every time so then he could explain further about it. Then we talked about how we should eat veggies more than meat. Once again, I’m super thankful that the people have time to teach us something new. I’m not saying I really want to pay but if we did, I wouldn’t regret.


Today’s class was about cooking. We learnt how to cook Udon noodles  ,we learnt how to make sushi   and a desert that was a ice cream🍨 .  The presenter showed us how to make these food in a pre-made video but after they made one live so they could see how to do it more clearly. After we had some time to ask question and they also had, time to ask us questions and if we got it right, we get points. Again, I really really thank the organizer and all the people who contributed in this activity for teaching us new knowledge, especially cooking because when I go to university, I could go and eat in restaurant but I know I would be bored so learning cooking could be very useful,

Thank you

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